Gamblers At Craps Tables

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If you’re watching for anticipation, noise and more excitement than you can stomach, then craps is the game to play.

Craps is an exciting game with whales, low-rollers, and everyone in the middle. If you’re a person-watcher this is one game that you will love to observe. There is the high roller, gambling with a large bankroll and making boisterous proclamations when he wagers across the board, "five hundred and twenty across," you will hear the whale state. They are the player to watch at this craps table and he knows it. They will either succeed huge or lose huge and there is nothing in the middle.

There is the budget gambler, possibly trying to acquaint himself with the high-roller. He’ll inform the other gamblers of books he has read on dice positioning and hang around the most accomplished shooter at the table, eager to talk and "share ideas and thoughts".

My favourite people at the craps table are the true gents from the good old days. These elderly gentlemen are ordinarily patient, mostly kind and will almost always share tricks from the "good ole days."

There are many different characters that you’ll see around a busy Craps table. When you jump in and determine to participate in the game, be sure you utilize good etiquette. Find a spot on the rail and lay your $$$$$ in front of you in the "come" spot. Never do this when the dice are being tossed or you will become known as the last character I wanted to mention, the jerk.

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