Players at a Craps Game

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If you are seeking excitement, boisterousness and more fun than you might be able to bear, then craps is the only game to wager on.

Craps is a fast-paced game with whales, low-rollers, and everyone in between. If you’re a people-watcher this is one game that you will absolutely enjoy observing. There is the big spender, gambling with a huge amount of money and making boisterous declarations when she wagers across the board, "520 dollars across," you’ll hear her say. She’s the gambler to watch at this table and they know it. They will either win big or lose big-time and there’s no in between.

There is the budget gambler, possibly trying to acquaint himself with the whales. He will tell the other bettors of books she’s read on dice throwing and bum around the most accomplished shooter at the craps table, prepared to confer and "share ideas and thoughts".

There is the student of Frank Scoblete latest craps workshop. While Frank is the best there is, his devotee has to do his homework. This guy will take five minutes to set his dice, so practice understanding.

My favorite players at the table are the true gents from the old days. These elderly gentlemen are usually tolerant, mostly congenial and will very likely always give advice from the "great old days."

When you take the chance and decide to participate in the game, make certain you use good etiquette. Find a position on the rail and lay your cash down in front of you in the "come" spot. Refrain from doing this when the pair of dice are being tossed or you’ll quickly be known as the final character I wished to talk about, the jerk.

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